We Care About Your Family's Health

At Mangrove Auto Spa LLC We Care About Your Family's Health
It is very easy to catch allergies and infections from a vehicle that is not cleaned and sanitized from time to time. Normally Cars and Transport vehicles are teeming with all kinds of Germs including Bacteria, Viruses, Fungii and lices etc. Whereas there hundreds of Car Wash companies and Auto detailers in Dubai, there are very few companies that are focused on Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing of Car Interiors. Mangrove Auto Spa is one company that specializes in Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing of Car Interiors.
At Mangrove AutoSpa Dubai, while deep cleaning and sanitizing a car, we are unifocally committed to protect the health of your family. While cleaning your car we do not go for fancy products that are predominantly based on chemicals. We keep it very simple.  We Steam Clean your car. However we use State-of-the-Art Steam Cleaning Machines to back up our commitment.  Steam Machines not only clean excellent but also sanitize the surfaces - killing 99.9% harmful Bacteria - thus protecting your family’s health. If the Seats and Car floor are cleaned with Steam, you can be sure that your baby is sitting in a safe environment. It's important that your car must be Deep Cleaned and sanitized at least 4 times a Year if not monthly. Our Steam Cleaning Machines are also effective to eliminate dust mites and other bugs ensuring the health of your family. We discourage the use of Chemicals and prefer Green Solutions like Steam Cleaning :) Parents must press schools to have the School Buses Steam Cleaned by Mangrove Auto Spa.
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