We Care for the Environment

At Mangrove Auto Spa we care deeply about our Environment. We want to limit the carbon foot prints in our environment. Chemicals are harmful to Environment as they increase Carbon foot prints.  Therefore we use Steam Cleaning for cleaning and sanitizing the car interiors and exteriors. 




When I ponder about my existence, about other people and life on earth in general, about our solar system, stars in a galaxy and billions of galaxies, I marvel how nature has integrated everything. How everything is interdependent.


If there is no Sun for a year, what will happen to life on the earth and in the oceans. Even if Humans are able to generate enough energy to sustain our power needs, what will happen to the oceans and marine life? Will plants and animals survive? Surely we cant keep plants alive on artifical light and they will die due to lack of photosynthesis. What will happen to oxygen supply? 


On the contrary, if the ozone layer, that protects our environment, is depleted, what dire consequences it carries for life on earth. We have realized this danger as scientists across the globe warn against using CFCs, increased carbon footprints leading to environmental changes that have already started impacting our lives. Rising temperatures are responsible for Elnino effects that causes abnormal floods and storms leading to deaths and destruction of gigantic proportions in different parts of the world. 


This brings us to the conclusion that each and everything that exists in nature is interdependent and has a function to perform. Life on earth it seems is very fragile and susceptible to elimination if we humans did not act responsibly. Our actions have direct bearing on our own existence. If we act responsibly to protect our environment, we shall stay part and parcel of the Nature's system. If not we shall perish. With or without life on earth, Nature will somehow be there as millions of stars  and planets are destructed and created all the time and universe is still expanding.


Therefore, it is imperative that we act responsibly to protect our environment. We must reduce the carbon footprints to avoid catastrophic, undesirable consequences of our actions. In our lines of business there are Car Cleaning Companies in Dubai, that use scores of chemical based products to apparently clean and sanitize the dirty areas in the car. I appeal to the Car Owners to ask this question... If Chemicals are part of the solution or part of the problem!?

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